Rights and Responsibilities

State contracts come with terms and conditions that delineate what the State expects from the successful contractor in terms of technical deliverables, as well as outline the specific actions the State may take if all terms and conditions are not met. MBE subcontracting requirements are part of the technical deliverables and come with terms and conditions that define both the prime contractor's and the MBE subcontractors' respective roles and responsibilities.

Every State agency staffs an MBE Liaison whose primary role is to make sure that, through all phases of the procurement and contracting process, all parties understand the MBE-related rights and responsibilities associated with being a prime contractor of MBE subcontractor. Prime contractors and MBE subcontractors are much better equipped to handle issues that may arise during the course of a contract when they understand their rights as well as their responsibilities within the MBE Program. 

Monthly reporting of MBE payment activity is an important component of the MBE deliverable and is tracked by the MBE Liaison. Each prime contractor and MBE subcontractor is required to submit the monthly payment report. Data contained in the monthly reports is compiled and assessed periodically by the liaison to determine whether the prime contractor is on track to fulfill the MBE commitments made at the time of contract award. The State's expectation is that the prime contractor will act in good faith to honor all MBE commitments. 

If a problem arises that cannot be resolved between the prime contractor and MBE, the MBE Liaison is the first point of contact to assist with quick resolution. Prime contractors or MBEs that are not able to resolve issues at the agency level should contact the Governor's Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs at 410-697-9600 for assistance. ​